James graduated from film school in 2010. Since graduating he has made several short films and a web series on YouTube, where he has gained a respectable following (which grows daily). This is his debut feature film. The Truth About Romance is very much a story he's been wanting to tell for years. He has his own style and works extremely hard. Twitter: @atinyadventure

Craig is a long term friend of James. He has helped James make many of his short films. He is enthusiastic about finding the best possible way to achieve a goal. As well as producing the feature Craig will be playing the role of Chris in the film. You can see Craig in the cult web series Bromance. Twitter: @ciasquith

Mark another film school graduate has been a long term calibrator with James. They have worked together closely and know each other well. Mark has a keen visual eye and knows how to make a lot out of very little.

Jacko Hooper is a exceptional singer songwriter. His videos on youtube have gained thousands of views. He will be a major name in the music world in a few years. Check out his music here.

Special Thanks to:
David Garland, Graeme Davidson, Laura Winning & the Winning Family, Arwen Town, Paul & Susan Spray, Susan Middleton, Jonathan Haynes.