Monday, 10 September 2012


It's been awhile since the website last got updated. Here's a quick catch up. We shot the film over 14 days in July and now I'm editing it.

So far the editing process is going quick, but not as quick as I originally thought. I need to pull my finger out and work even harder!! We didn't shoot a great amount of footage. I went into the shoot not wanting to do more than 3 takes per set up. Although this was the plan we did have a set up that took 10 takes, which in fairness still isn't a lot. Kubrick or Fincher would think I was a mad man for doing such small amounts.

At the moment I'm just picking the clips that I want to use and putting them in a timeline. Then I can sync up the audio and start tweaking the edit so it runs smooth. I love the editing process. It's amazing seeing all the different camera set ups, maybe some filmed on a different day, all come together to create a sequence.

The entire filmmaking process as been like a dream, a stressful dream at times, but it still hasn't sunk in that I shot a feature film. When I originally embarked on this adventure I had the highest of hopes, but then reality set in and I realised that my no budget romantic drama will look like a shit and nobody will see it. Now however, after seeing some of the scenes come together my high hopes are back. We haven't shot a film that looks shit, it's really flippin' good, the dialogue and acting are top class. For a film that cost less than £200 it looks remarkable.

James G. Wall

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