Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Take it Seriously.

Something that I've had to deal with a lot since releasing The Truth About Romance is; Sorry we only deal with official releases.

It's been quite horrible. There's a tradition in the film industry, and it's all about film festivals and distribution (and higher up the ladder, awards).

The general thought is; anybody can upload to YouTube. 

Yes, I guess that is correct. However, there is a reason I chose to release my film through YouTube. I didn't have the money to go to film festivals, and the marketing budget to release the film with a distributor would have been silly. The Truth About Romance cost me £250, marketing it would have cost thousands of pounds.

Does that mean I shouldn't be taken seriously? I think a lot of people disregard YouTube as a film platform, there are so many silly videos of nonsense I can understand why. And yes, it doesn't sound very professional. However, the industry is changing. Cinemas aren't capable of screening no budget indie films, because they need to make money too. The rental world as also changed. When video shops were around a little indie film may have caught an eye on the bottom shelf or the guys working there might recommend it. Now rentals are online, and these websites have to shout about how they get all the latest biggest and best blockbusters, so they can attract customers away from rival sites.

So where is the home for low budget indie films?

At the moment The Truth About Romance as reached 60,000 views on YouTube, and it grows daily. I get to interact with people that leave me comments on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It's worked out well. If only the industry people would take it seriously too, otherwise what will happen to low budget indie films.



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