Monday, 5 March 2012


Yesterday we launched the IndieGoGo funding page. Crowd funding is always very difficult, these days (like myself) people don't have a great deal of spare cash. If you do, you're not wanting to give it away. Crowd funding can go two ways, you either try finding a few large contributors or hundreds of small contributors. It's not an easy task. 

IndieGoGo works on a 'perks' scheme. Contributors can receive a 'perk' based on how much they contribute. It's not like you're not getting anything for your money. Most of the 'perks' are 'thank you's', but it's nice to be thanked and a part of something.

Other than setting up the funding we have been throwing emails about. Now we wait and see what comes back. We have a really good draft script and we don't want to start editing it until we know where we stand with other areas. See what we need to change or add.

It's all very exciting.
James G. Wall

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