Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cast & Crew Wanted

Hello World.

I'm amazed how many views the website as had. It's great!
I've started getting enquiries about cast and crew. I figured it was about time to update the 'CAST/CREW NEEDED' page.
Hardly any of the crew as been selected yet, and we will be looking for people that are committed and local (or willing to travel.) This is a very low budget film, so we need a passionate and enthusiastic crew that believe in the project.

This film has a small cast, only six speaking roles. Two have already been cast, and I'm in talks with an actor about the lead role. However, there are still three main speaking roles available. Plus we will need extras. I've had to keep the information about the characters very vague. I don't want to give too much away. If you are interested I can tell you much more over email (atinyadventure@gmail.com)

Thank you very much.
James G. Wall

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