Monday, 12 March 2012

Pre-Production: Week 1

We've had our first week of pre-production and I have to say how pleased I am. I thought it would be slow going, but it's all hit with a bang. I've emails from cast, crew, casting directors, locations, press enquiries, distribution companies and we got our first written article in the Yorkshire Evening Post. A lot of these things I'd not even considered, well not considered them this early on. It's eye opening though. I hope we can carry this momentum into next week.

Funding was always going to be tough. We've got the ball rolling. I can't thank the people that have contributed enough. If you would like to make a contribution click here. I've been looking around my house for things to sell to help raise some more money. If you have an idea please get in contact.

A week ago this was a tiny little project that I didn't think anybody would be bothered about and now a week later and it's turned into something much bigger and I couldn't be more happy.

James G. Wall

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