Sunday, 7 October 2012


I've had a few weeks away from the film, for various reasons and plus it's always good to have a break. However, now I feel the need to dive right in. It almost feels like if I don't push myself to finish it it'll become one of those projects that lingers away and I find it in a years time and think "Hmmm, I should've really finished that." I don't want that to happen. When we finished shooting the film I gave myself a November deadline to have the film completely finished!! That was incredibly ambitious, but then I'm an incredibly ambitious person. I still think I could've made that deadline, but we can't predict what happens in life.

So, we refresh, reevaluate and re-plan. 

All week I've been figuring out how I can get back in the editing room. It's not as simple as just sitting there and opening up the project, well it's not for me, I'm just not that sort of guy. Everything has to be a task, a challenge, with targets and rewards. Then BOOM, I make myself a challenge. From Monday 8th to Sunday 14th I aim to finish a rough cut of the film. I would estimate I have 35-45% of the film roughly edited, which has taken me a few months. In 7 days I will have the rest of it roughly edited and my reward will be awesome, on Sunday evening I'll get to watch the first rough cut.

Now, I may cause myself some illness, because in order to do this I'll have to hard extremely hard and sleep very little. Plus I still have to go to work 5 days-a-week. But hey, it wouldn't be a challenge if it was easy. The aim is to put in 30+ hours of editing, which isn't that hard... I can break that up into small chunks throughout the week. Easy-peasy.

I'll keep everybody up-to-date on Twitter (@atinyadventure) and Instragram (@jamesgwall) so you can follow me into my quest of insanity. 

Here we go!
James G. Wall

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