Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Truth About Romance | Clip

Here are the first 7 minutes of the film.


Well, in actual fact there is a two minute introduction, but this is where the film begins. I'd also like to state now that this isn't the finished version, there are a few issues I want to work on, but I figured it was in good enough shape to show the world. Let them get a taste of my little production.

When you've spent a long time editing lots of footage and you have to keep switching between scenes to keep your eyes fresh, you end up with a whole lot of unfinishedness... And that isn't good for you, creatively and mentally. As a creative person I like things to be finished and perfect. Editing is a very tedious thing because you can quite easily get carried away editing the same section for days, weeks, even months. When really you need to get a rough edit finished of the entire film.

The problem I have is; I wanna see some of it completed, just a tiny section, just to reassure myself that I'm doing things right! Then I thought; why not, why not complete a small section... It gives me something to watch and I can show those that worked on it. I'll be reassuring everybody!
With that in mind I set along the journey of finish the opening scene. It's a good place to start.

Since finishing the shoot back in July 2012 I've been constantly asked these two questions, "When will it be finished?" and "Can I see any of it yet?" I thought this is a really good time to give people a taster. The opening doesn't give too much away, but it does leave you wanting to find out more. (Well, hopefully.)

I really hope you enjoy it, and I'm going to take a couple of days off because if you watch that 7 minutes over and over again for two weeks you'll know how I feel. I've gone a bit mad. What I will do is write a series of blog post about some of the technical aspect of the 7 minutes.

James G. Wall

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