Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Take Time, Move On & Enjoy the Process.

It's 2013. Twenty Thirteen... That sounds insane.
When I set the original schedule for The Truth About Romance I had November 2012 as the deadline to have the film completed, finished, done. 
Wow, who was I kidding!?

After I failed my 'Editing Challenge' I whimpered for another week, I honestly just didn't know what to do with myself or the film. 2012 as been an extremely strange year for me personally, and October was no different, just another confusing month. I may have had a mental breakdown of some sort, because I did some really bizarre things. Again like my last post on this site I will eventually go into some more details because man, it's a funnily depressing story.

You may be asking what as happened over the last two and half months? Lots. Lots and lots. However, as far as The Truth About Romance is concerned, nothing, absolutely nothing. Well not up-until two weeks ago. I needed a break, not just from this film, but from everything. I needed to get my personal life back on track. I wasn't concentrating on the edit properly because my brain was cloudy with a shit storm of other things.

Two weeks ago at 2:20AM on one of my many sleepless nights I naturally plugged in the hard drive for The Truth About Romance and started editing. It was a beautiful organic moment, I wasn't editing because I felt I had to, I was editing because I wanted to. I'm now looking at the footage clearly and enjoying the process. I needed to take a break, to forget about the film, although that was hard because it's the only thing people talk to me about. When I'd taken a couple of weeks off from the edit before the 'Editing Challenge' the film was still very much in the forefront of my mind, which meant after a week of editing I was right back in the same place.

Making this film as been a constant learning curve, not just about filmmaking but also about myself.
So my advice to anybody that is having problems is to take time, move on and then enjoy life, which in my case is filmmaking.

More to come about the edit later this week!
James G. Wall

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