Monday, 29 July 2013


Bad. Terrible. Disgusting. Horrible. Tripe. Turd. Crap. Shit. Are words you don't want associating with your work. 

So far I've been really lucky and the feedback and reviews have been great, however there have been a couple of bad reviews, which I haven't told anybody about, because why the hell would I!

When you're making a film, or anything for that matter, you have to go into it full of confidence, your mindset is: I am going to make the best film I possibly can.
Otherwise you'd most likely fail. You have to believe in yourself.

So you set out on the adventure of making the greatest piece of work you have done to date. In the case of The Truth About Romance the adventure lasted over a year, almost two in fact. I dedicated over a year of my life to one film!!
Over the course of the year, much like a kitten, you grow to love it, it becomes your entire world, and if anyone doesn't like it you will rip their head off.

The reality is not everybody is going to love your kitten, or film in this case. It's really difficult when somebody says negatives things about something you have worked so hard on, especially when that criticism is simply "I didn't like it."

It's human nature to dwell on the negatives, nine out of ten people could say beautiful comments and the tenth person say they didn't like it and that's the only comment you'd listen to.

When I received the first bad review of The Truth About Romance it knocked me over, I was gutted. At the same time I appreciated that somebody had taken the time to watch the film and write about it, even if they didn't like it. 

It's not easy, but y'know... Deal with it.
Let it soak in and then washing it off. 


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