Thursday, 4 July 2013



The film as been online a few weeks now and the excitement is slowing down. So... What I have I learnt from this experience?

1. Have a much better plan for the release. I planned everything for this film really well, except the release. That's something film school doesn't teach you. Next time I'll do more research into websites/zines/blogs/vloggers/mags etc!! And make the initial launch much bigger. 
However, I always knew this film would be like this, because it's my first film and it's one of the first of it's kind. I feel like I'm on the forefront of an indie film revolution. 

2. Do more with the community. I've been so busy with the film (and life) that I didn't blog or vlog anywhere near as much as I should've done. I had a great opportunity to work with the online community and get them involved and listen to their feedback. We could've built and attacked this post post-production media marketing nightmare as an ARMY!

3. Come up with some great free marketing ideas. In the world of social media, tumblr, facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, vine, etc There is an opportunity to make some really cool posters, memes, gifs, quotes, and so on for people to share and get involved. 

4. Be thankful. I appreciate everybody that takes the time to watch my work, even if they didn't like it, I'm still grateful they watched it. I try to thank everybody that sends me an email, comment, tweet, etc. Peoples time is important and that should never be taken for granted.

5. Try not to get upset. When you've put so much hard work into one film it's difficult not to feel disappointed, disheartened and upset when you don't get the attention you feel you deserve. I've quickly learnt that no many people care, and it's up to myself to make them care. I shouldn't expect anybody to do anything. It's been a hard slug so far to get people to watch the film. The upsetting part is the majority of people that watch the film really enjoy it, and I know many more would too if they only knew it was there. It's disappointing when the people you think would watch it don't, and it's disheartening knowing there isn't much more I can do. However, it's just another day in the office, I wake up and shake off any negativity and keeping sluggin' away.


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  1. Hey James, Myself Dr Bhaumik. It is real nice piece of work. It is not to make you feel better but I have reason. I generally like when I feel lost into something until end which I could. Second thing when you do something big, you would get criticism so take it as sign that you are growing because you got attention enough to get criticized which should take into consideration to improve for the next. So far I believe it is really nice work. To make you believe, out of hectic schedule I chose to spend time on your feature film and that too four days before my important exam. So believe me it was nice to watch till end. Moreover, you maintain charm of love till end. Only I wished to have part 2.